Board and Train - Training Agreement

The following is considered a subordinate agreement of the Your Pro Dog Trainer, LLC (referred to as "Your Pro Dog Trainer") services agreement ( and contains additional items specific to the Board and Train program.

I (referred to as "Customer") understand that Your Pro Dog Trainer will use the first week of the dog's stay as an evaluation and settling-in period.  During this time, Your Pro Dog Trainer will evaluate the dog's health, behavior, and overall acclimation to determine an appropriate training plan and method to achieve Customer's desired training results. At the end of the first week Your Pro Dog Trainer will call Customer to review the evaluation and discuss an appropriate training plan that may or may not include the goals entered on the booking form.

Once the training plan is verbally agreed, Your Pro Dog Trainer will send a written copy of the approved, final, training plan.  If Customer disagrees to the written training agreement then Customer must email Your Pro Dog Trainer within 24 hours to modify the plan.  If after 24 hours no written changes are received, Customer understands that Your Pro Dog Trainer will proceed with training as documented and will be considered agreed and final.

Unforeseen Circumstances
Customer understands that during training unforeseen circumstances can occur and may result in delay or a halt training all together. Unforeseen circumstances that may delay or halt training are including, but not limited to, dog related health, illness, injury or behavioral issues, Your Pro Dog Trainer facility, staffing limitations, or changes, and/or Customer related emergencies. Your Pro Dog Trainer will notify Customer as soon as reasonable possible of any unforeseen circumstance and potential delay. Additionally, Customer will notify Your Pro Dog Trainer of any unforeseen circumstances from their side. Once the unforeseen circumstances are mitigated or addressed, Your Pro Dog Trainer may, at its sole discretion, assess the existing training plan and, if necessary, modify the existing or create a new final training plan based based on remaining time of the dog's stay.

Customer understands that Your Pro Dog Trainer will attempt to do everything possible to ensure that the training goals entered on the booking sheet are performed. However, Customer agrees that every dog is unique and thus each training plan is specifically built for each dog based on evaluation and may not include some or all of my goals and may be revised through Customer dog's stay.

Owner Commitment
Your Pro Dog Trainer is committed to helping dogs and Customer through passing along science-based training techniques and principles. These techniques require commitment and consistency from all members of the family in order for the dog to be successful. Training is a full-time commitment for the entire course of a dog’s life. As the owner, I understand that my involvement and commitment to this process is critical to the success of any training sessions that occur. Customer agrees to follow/implement all suggested materials, advice, and/or "homework" provided to Customer by Your Pro Dog Trainer and that by not following provided materials, advice and/or "homework" may result in partial or whole regression.

Return Home
Just as there is a settling in period upon arrival to Your Pro Dog Trainer's facility, Customer understands that the dog may have a period of adjustment, transition, and/or regression during its return home.  To overcome this potential of regression, Customer understands that it will follow all materials, advice, and/or "homework" provided by Your Pro Dog Trainer until the adjustment period is over.

Agreement Updates
Your Pro Dog Trainer reserves the right to update and modify this agreement at any time and for any reason. For the latest copy of our services agreement please visit our website at:
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